Campbell, new hire, Hobbs
May 31, 2023

Consultant and former lawmaker Chad Campbell tapped as new chief of staff

Consultant and former Democratic lawmaker Chad Campbell will be Gov. Katie Hobbs' new chief of staff, the governor announced this morning.

Rio Verde, Scottsdale, Griffin, Senate, House, legislation, Kolodin
May 16, 2023

Lawmakers consider two potential Rio Verde water solutions

A potential solution to get water to the Rio Verde Foothills passed through the Legislature on Monday, but even though the residents like it, a different proposal might have a better chance of becoming law.

Fontes, Hobbs, Mayes, Horne, inauguration
May 4, 2023

Committee denies Fontes’ request to use funds for private security detail

A Legislative committee on Thursday denied a request from Secretary of State Adrian Fontes to use $250,000 already in his office budget to pay for a private security detail to protect him and his family from "credible security threats,'' a move that comes after Gov. Katie Hobbs also denied a request to assign state troopers to protect Fontes.

governor, Hobbs, vetoes
Apr 21, 2023

Hobbs tops Napolitano’s veto record – 63 so far

Gov. Katie Hobbs shattered a state record for the largest number of bills vetoed in one year on April 18 – the Democratic governor rejected 11 bills, bringing her to a total of 63 for the year.

teachers, student teachers, Gress, House, Teachers Academy
Apr 17, 2023

Gress wants to expand Teachers Academy program

A first-term state lawmaker wants to expand the Teachers Academy program that provides scholarships to prospective public school teachers to students attending private and religious colleges.

mobile home parks, Gress, bill
Mar 31, 2023

Mobile home owners forced out of parks to get larger payouts under new law

Residents of three mobile home parks facing imminent eviction could get bigger payouts from the state for leaving or moving their homes following a new law.

teacher pay, Gress, House, salaries, education, K-12
Mar 28, 2023

$10K teacher raise bill stalls; Gress hopes for bipartisan solution

A Republican measure that would give Arizona teachers a $10,000 raise over the next two years stalled as the bill sponsor hopes to reach a bipartisan agreement that Gov. Katie Hobbs can sign.

teacher pay, Gress, legislature, House, Senate, K-12 public schools
Mar 27, 2023

House Republicans give early approval to teacher raises

Arizona House Republicans on Monday gave preliminary approval to $10,000 per year raises for public school teachers over the objections of Democrats who say the plan is a fake effort they know GOP lawmakers can't fund in the long term.

Lamber, traffic deaths, accidents, Gress, House bill
Mar 24, 2023

Meaningful change to Arizona’s traffic laws could save lives

HB2419 gives us the chance to put some real teeth in the law and hold drivers accountable for moving violations resulting in serious injury or death to another person. 

school finances, Horne, Gress, school finance transparency portal, Allovue, Gutierrez, Pingerelli, Schiwebert, teacher pay
Mar 17, 2023

Legislators evaluate new school finance transparency tool 

Arizona lawmakers are considering whether the state should continue funding its recently launched school finance transparency portal.  

Gress, Ortiz, Kolodin, pregnancy, House, bill, abortion, personhood, child support
Mar 13, 2023

Gress’ proposal to extend child support payments to date of pregnancy passes House 

Arizona House Republicans passed a bill that would extend child support payments to the date of a confirmed pregnancy, which opponents argue is an attempt to establish a fetal personhood provision. 

Democrats, House, legislature, Republicans, bills, Hastert Rule, Cano, Gress, Longdon, Shah, Alma Hernandez, Grantham, Teresa Martinez, Petersen,
Mar 9, 2023

House Dems resume voting for bills, end protest

House Democrats resumed voting in support of bills this week after voting “no” against all bills put up for a vote last week.