Rio Verde

Rio Verde, Hobbs, Ortega
Jun 9, 2023

Simple solution to Rio Verde Foothills water issue 

Water is the lifeblood of Arizona’s future. Conserving this precious resource and all it provides is one of the most important issues facing the city of Scottsdale and all of Arizona. But Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega continues to waste time and city resources fighting a deal that will not cost Scottsdale anything to be good neighbors to the people of Rio Verde Foothills.

Rio Verde, Hobbs, Ortega
Jun 1, 2023

Time for Senate to act to put more tools in Arizona’s water toolbox

We must move with urgency to save our state from a manageable shortage that has metastasized into a deadly cancer due to spools of red tape and a federal government that sometimes seems like it wouldn’t care much if Arizona blew away on the wind.

Rio Verde, Hobbs, Ortega
May 22, 2023

Hobbs vetoes proposal to resume Scottsdale water services to Rio Verde 

About 750 households in an unincorporated community near Scottsdale will continue a months-long challenge of not having water after Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill to temporarily resolve the issue.  

Rio Verde, Scottsdale, Griffin, Senate, House, legislation, Kolodin
May 16, 2023

Lawmakers consider two potential Rio Verde water solutions

A potential solution to get water to the Rio Verde Foothills passed through the Legislature on Monday, but even though the residents like it, a different proposal might have a better chance of becoming law.

groundwater, Colorado River, Lake Mead, AMA, Phoenix, Tucson, drought, Griffin, Kolodin
Feb 24, 2023

Water augmentation tested as Colorado River dwindles 

While the lack of groundwater regulation plagues rural Arizona, there are proposed ways to create a larger supply in the region without depending on dwindling amounts from the Colorado River and groundwater.  

Rio Verde, Scottsdale City Council, Kolodin, Kavanagh, Mayes, groundwater
Feb 21, 2023

Scottsdale expresses approval of plan to get water back to Rio Verde 

The Scottsdale City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to adopt a resolution supporting a plan that would temporarily resume service providing water to the nearby Rio Verde community. 

water, groundwater, Kerr, Senate bill
Feb 14, 2023

AG affirms Maricopa County’s power to deal with Scottsdale on Rio Verde issue 

Attorney General Kris Mayes issued an opinion today affirming that Maricopa County has the power to temporarily supply water to Rio Verde, which was recently cut off by Scottsdale after decades of reliance on the city for water. 

groundwater, Rio Verde, Scottsdale, House, Senate, Kolodin, Kavanagh
Feb 7, 2023

Panel moves to force Scottsdale to give Rio Verde water 

A House panel passed a bill that would force Scottsdale to temporarily resume service providing water to the unincorporated Rio Verde community, but Democrats withheld the support needed for immediate relief.  

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Jan 27, 2023

Lawmakers back Rio Verde in water dispute 

State legislators are prepared to intervene in a conflict between Scottsdale and Rio Verde over dwindling water supply that Scottsdale says it is not required to share with the community.