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May 5, 2023

Inequitable funding of Arizona K-12 schools must be fixed

Every Arizona family pays taxes to support public schools. Every Arizona student should receive an equitable level of funding for their education.

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Jan 27, 2023

Governor targets results-based funding for schools 

Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs proposed the end of results-based funding in her budget, effectively untying additional per-pupil funding from achievement determined by the school letter grade system.  

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Dec 12, 2022

Hobbs appears poised to side with school districts in legal fight

Incoming Gov. Katie Hobbs appears ready to side with school districts in their legal fight with the state and legislative leaders over whether they were illegally denied money for years they need to maintain classrooms and build new schools. And that could affect the outcome of a trial set to begin next month -- and the more than $6 billion they say they have been shorted so far.

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Jul 7, 2022

Special session possible to avert education cuts

After a marathon 167-day session, lawmakers could be headed back to the Capitol to ensure schools don’t have to cut spending by more than $1 billion next year. 

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Jul 5, 2022

Lawmakers, Ducey should be proud of state budget 

Major budget accomplishments were achieved as real investments in dealing with critical water needs, transportation infrastructure, pension debt payoffs, Rainy Day Fund investments, state employee pay raises and even tax relief as regards to the State Equalization Tax Rate were passed.

Apr 13, 2022

Judge hears school-funding arguments

Attorneys for the state want a judge to throw out a 5-year-old lawsuit charging that lawmakers aren't living up to their constitutional and court-ordered obligation to adequately fund new schools and repair existing ones.

Mar 25, 2022

Strike striker: Don’t rush school funding solution without stakeholders

Arizonans agree on the vision for their schools – and the legislature should work with them to deliver the funding in a way that is fair and prioritizes schools that need it the most.

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Jan 6, 2022

GOP ignores education wishes of voters

It’s a no brainer: Fix the cap. Fund education. Because Arizonans are extremely frustrated with politicians and are ready to take it to the ballot box – again.  

Sep 13, 2021

Public schools now costlier than college

Arizona public schools just hit a major milestone — they’re officially more expensive than the full freight tuition cost of sending a child to college at a four-year university here in the Grand Canyon State.

May 17, 2021

Don’t ignore our kids with special needs

It’s time to do better for all of Arizona’s students, just like I did for my son, so they can truly be empowered as learners, workers and citizens.

Apr 6, 2021

Legislature can still help public schools

Fortunately, doing what’s best for students is also usually best for the economy. Arizona’s public schools are not the enemy. They are the way to restore public trust and confidence, and the surest sign that Arizona is coming back. We can come back weaker, or we can come back stronger.

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Feb 2, 2021

Hoffman asks lawmakers to fully fund distance learning

Arizona's top education official told lawmakers Tuesday they need to ensure that schools get as much money for online courses as the law now provides them for kids in seats.