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Arizona needs new, innovative ways to produce energy

As we look ahead to the future, we must find new and innovative ways to produce the energy we need to support our growing economy and the businesses and communities that call Arizona home. Fortunately, we have legislators prioritizing the clean energy, technology and innovation sectors by focusing on policy solutions that will have a real and positive impact on Arizona’s economy, both in the short-term as our economy recovers and for years into the future.

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Technology crucial to AZ recovery from Covid

As Arizona continues to combat the pandemic, we need to properly equip our communities with the tools they need to survive. Among these is technology. Lawmakers must remember that tech has saved small businesses, contributed millions of dollars in economic development, and put food on the table for thousands of residents. We must welcome technology as a valued partner in our recovery and recognize the value it brings to our communities.

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Arizona must invest today in our STEM workforce of tomorrow

The idea of spanning generations with these types of public-private educational partnerships is incredibly rewarding for me – a woman who was enabled to pursue a successful career in aerospace that has allowed me to engage in challenging work which is even more exciting than what I ever imagined as a student. Investment in Arizona’s developing minds represents investment in America’s technological future. What type of investment can you or your organization make today?

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Stop Throwing Rocks at Self-Driving Cars

Our attacks on Waymo vehicles, not our forward-looking regulatory policy, have garnered national attention, making us seem almost barbaric – fighting technological change tooth and nail. Rather than fight against a developing technology for growing in our backyard, we should fight for it, setting an example for the rest of the nation and moving us one step closer to perfecting this life-saving technology.

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