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Munger’s firm has lobbying ties

It might be time for John Munger to update the Web site for his law firm, Tucson-based Munger and Chadwick. Mungerchadwick.com prominently features Capitol lobbyist Michael Racy, who Munger says has cut all ties with the firm – although not on paper.

Yellow Sheet started asking questions after seeing Racy on Munger’s site. What involvement, for instance, will the candidate have in lobbying at the Capitol if he’s elected governor next year? On the site, Racy is pictured multiple times with Munger, including in a photo titled “four partners.” Racy is featured on the site as the firm’s “director of government relations.” He’s also listed as an active lobbyist for Munger Chadwick with the Secretary of State’s Office. Munger’s lobbyist registration, meanwhile, lapsed in January of this year.

But Munger says Racy has no involvement whatsoever in the firm. “We have, over the years, referred Michael work,” Munger said. “We don’t have any economic interest in anything he does. He’s totally independent.”

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