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Capitol Quotes 12/4

“My big fear is that the governor is going to play a Grinch for Christmas and put coal in the taxpayers’ stockings by hiking taxes.” – Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, saying he would show up if the Legislature convenes for a special session in December.

“It doesn’t matter that there is a holiday. It doesn’t matter if you have a birthday. It doesn’t matter if you got a trip planned. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to go out of town. What matters is you are elected to do a job and the job is not finished, and we need to finish the job. It is as simple as that.” – Sen. Jay Tibshraeny, a Republican from Chandler, emphasizing the need to continue the work on the state’s budget deficit.

“It’s something that should have never begun.” – Harold Fish, a West Valley resident, commenting on his legal battle that started when he killed a man in 2004. Arizona courts have vindicated his claims that the shooting was in self-defense.

“I have to get used to being up front about this.” – Diane Manchester, a multiple sclerosis patient who has been tapped to lead a ballot initiative calling for medical marijuana legalization.

“Campaign people and professional people that do public relations represent a multitude of a lot of people. I don’t see any conflict. They haven’t spoken to me about it. And I don’t see a problem there.” – Gov. Jan Brewer, on the work her campaign consultants are doing on behalf of the payday loan industry.

“I think that Mayor Parker needs to step out of the plush confines of the manicured lawns in Paradise Valley and educate himself on the dire and drastic circumstances of the Arizona state budget.” – Doug Cole, a campaign consultant for Gov. Jan Brewer, on Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker’s opposition to the governor’s proposed sales tax increase.

“We have four seasons – it’s just that three of them are hot.” – Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, speaking to a reporter Dec. 3 about his job as an air conditioning contractor.

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