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Capitol Quotes: June 3, 2011

“It’s kind of like some guy’s pointing a gun in your face and says, ‘Give me your wallet.’ You give him the wallet, but you didn’t necessarily want to.” — Mike Colletto, legislative affairs director for the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, on his union’s work on a pension reform bill that it may sue to stop.

“I think that if the courts come down on Arizona’s side Mexico’s frustration will flare up again. But as long as it’s in this legal limbo, I think they’re willing to get back to the business at hand.” — Rick van Schoik, director of ASU’s North American Center for Transborder Studies, on Sonora Gov. Guillermo Padres Elias’ decision to resume participation in the Arizona-Mexico Commission. Padres withdrew from two plenary sessions of the commission in in 2010 over SB1070, but agreed to come to Arizona for a June 2-4 session.

“I do believe the good news here is the governor’s veto message provided a road map for that bill to go forward.” — Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on Brewer’s veto of a property tax incentive bill and what it means for economic development legislation in 2012.

“Now that I know who they are, I can play hardball right back with them.” — Sen. Michele Reagan, on those who lobbied the governor to veto her property tax incentive bill.

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