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Capitol Quotes: June 22, 2012

“If you can run under whatever name you want, I’m going to run as Chad Goldwater Babbitt Campbell.” — House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, commenting on the name-usage controversy of a now-kicked off the ballot House candidate that was challenging him in the new LD24.

“We both sort of come with different constituencies. I washed dishes. I used to park cars. I was a valet, parking cars at the country club he hangs out at.” — Congressman David Schweikert, speaking about GOP primary rival Congressman Ben Quayle.

“David was also going to move into CD6 from the very beginning. So I don’t think that argument on his behalf holds much water.” — Congressman Ben Quayle, on GOP primary rival Congressman David Schweikert’s comments that Quayle should have run in CD9, the district he was drawn into.

“This is not a fatal error.” — Ann-Eve Pedersen, chair of the Quality Education and Jobs Initiative, on a clerical error that Secretary of State Ken Bennett said could keep the measure off the ballot.

“Potentially it’s a huge issue, depending on whether they’ve been collecting the signatures for the version they have on their website or the version that was filed with our office. But we can only accept signatures collected, attached to the version that they’ve filed with us.” — Secretary of State Ken Bennett, on the Quality Education and Jobs campaign mistakenly submitting two versions of it ballot initiative to election officials.

“I think there’s a large question mark how the federal government intends to verify at what age somebody came into the United States or how long they’d been living here. It’s not like when you cross the border illegally you get a date stamp.” — Matthew Benson, a spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer, on President Obama’s new deportation policy.

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