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Let’s stop funding reckless GOP officials

As a precinct committeewoman from Legislative District 28 in North Central Phoenix, I was once again dismayed and insulted by my own party’s actions. The party faithful toils so hard while party officials squander their labor on undisciplined, mean-spirited name-calling that serves no other purpose than to bolster big egos and small ideas.

For his part, AJ LaFaro must resign as GOP county chairman for no other purpose than he lacks any modicum of credibility outside a narrow group of people who seem to require 100 percent lockstep agreement on all issues.

The issues we face in this state are a multifaceted cadre of intricate policies questions that Mr. LaFaro did not bother to learn before he rose to testify on behalf of me and thousands of other elected officials in this state. That dog won’t hunt… and he has lost the right to represent me.

It is time to break with those who can no longer carry the distinction of trusted, responsible leadership. And, until we remove that underlying crop of GOP officialdom, there is an alternative.

We are no longer slaves to the party apparatus – paying tribute to those who can afford to throw the personal bombs of inadequacy at any elected official. The U.S. Supreme Court ensured that through the independent expenditure process, we are no longer required to pray at the altar of party politics to effectively communicate with the electorate.

Independent expenditures have made party politics nearly irrelevant because the LaFaroesque party “leaders” have become their own liability – thus incapable of raising the necessary money to effectively run political campaigns. Let’s face it, those leaders have forfeited the right to speak for us when they can no longer be a grown-up at a public meeting before the people we help get elected. But that does not mean the rest of us do not have a conservative and discerning vision for Arizona.

It is any person’s right to have a voice and alienate whomever they please, but for the rest of us here in the real world – who must actually accomplish something – we can support our causes through forceful independent efforts. Our conservative voices can be heard using the independent expenditure system that the Supreme Court codified not so long ago.

So, the time is now, let us move ahead by ensuring our contributions go to any number of independent expenditure committees to support candidates and causes that better Arizona. Stop writing checks to party officials who no longer deserve our support.

I have had my differences with the governor, she once vetoed a bill I would have liked to see implemented. But I do not question her integrity. I know she is working hard and honorably for Arizonans. Not all issues are black and white, and are certainly not simple.

So let’s move ahead with a health plan that works for Arizona and returns $2 billion of our own federal tax money for Medicaid expansion. To be clear, I did not support Obamacare. However, here is some news for my collaborators in the GOP: Congress passed, Obama signed, the U.S. Supreme Court validated it. Then America re-elected president Obama who said he would not repeal it. We lost, let’s move ahead, shall we?

 – Rebecca McKay is a precinct committeewoman in Legislative District 28.



  1. Kudos to Rebecca for so clearly articulating what is wrong with BOTH political parties in Arizona. I am not a precinct committeewoman but I, too, live in LD 28 and I am a registered democrat and local activist. I have much criticism for my own party and it it refreshing to see others recognize the problem within their own parties too.

    We need to get back to sane compromise and do things professionally just the way Ms. McKay describes. Organizing and passion for our beliefs is great but my hope is we can still respect each others as neighbors and fellow Arizona citizens.

    Good for you Ms. McKay, I hope you continue to carry your message forward and I will too!

  2. Excellent! I hope that other Precinct Committeemen/women will also have the courage to take a stand against, as you stated, “undisciplined, mean-spirited name-calling that serves no other purpose than to bolster big egos and small ideas.” Thank you Rebecca for writing this letter!

  3. Christine Bauserman

    Sorry Rebecca but you are wrong. The Supreme Court ruled that the states did not have to implement the Medicaid Expansion component of Obamacare which is the componet Governor Brewer is proposing to implement.
    Additionally, the Republicans won elections also. Did you know this is the first time in history the Republican party holds every single state seat? Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, Mine Inspector, every single Corporate Commissioner, and the majority of the Arizona Senate and House. And for the record the Republican candidate won the President vote in Arizona.
    So if elections have consequences what about all these elections? Republicans like you need to stop focusing on the loss and focus on the wins.
    Republicans won state elections in Arizona sending a clear signal that we want limited government. It is time to act like winners and lead.

  4. Scottsdale Bubbe

    Thank you, Ms. McKay, for being an all-too-infrequent voice of reason in Arizona politics. You may have pointed out the one positive attribute of the recent Arizona and U.S. Supreme Court decisions regarding independent political groups such as Citizens United. Hopefully, you and others like you will staunch the self-inflicted bleeding that the kooks of the Republican Party have inflicted on the party.

    Ms. Shoultes: “Passion for our beliefs” has all to often turned into hatred of other beliefs, disdain for the legitimate needs and interests of others, and hysterical attacks on nonexistent “problems” and imagined threats to liberty and freedom.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    Rebecca, Your opinion piece is spot-on!

  6. Pragmatic Conservative

    I have to admit, when you are right, you are right… I hated Obamacare, but I am not prepared to give away $2.6 billion of our own money to other states… talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face…

  7. Rebecca McKay is my HERO today! We see this the same way. It’s about time PCs start speaking up for our Governor who was elected to represent ALL the people of Arizona. I was saddened to see an elected Republican Leader imply that any Republican is a “Judas,” let alone a sitting Republican Governor, simply for having a different point of view. This hits directly at the sick core of the Maricopa County Republican leadership. I talk to so many fellow Republicans who no longer want to work as PCs for the Maricopa County Party. This includes me. After receiving an award as my LD District’s Outstanding Republican PC some years ago, I found the attacks on fellow Republicans dampened all the energy and spirit I had to advance Republican principles. We should all be saddened that Governor Jan Brewer is carrying the water for Arizona while Maricopa County Republicans engage in unbecoming, unprofessional behavior instead of allies. I hope our wonderful new AzGOP leader can work to develop a new culture among Arizona Republicans, one that frowns on unprofessional behavior.

  8. Rebecca, You are spot-on! Thank you for your courage to speak truth. The Governor represents ALL the people of the state, not just Maricopa County’s GOP party, who has ruined the party and the state of Arizona so a handful can get obscenely “rich”.

  9. Christine, How do Republicans want limited government when Arizona’s #1 employer IS the government — and with its hand out for Federal $$$’s wherever possible?

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