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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 8, 2013

“This is the most arrogant, inconsiderate group of individuals I have been a part of and I will never set foot in that caucus room again.” — Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor after being ousted as Senate minority leader.  

“When I took the vote, I thought it was the end of my political career, but the right thing to do. But it’s turned out to be a politically good move.” — Republican Ethan Orr of Tucson, on his vote in favor of Medicaid expansion.

“’No comment’ doesn’t always get the job done. Sometimes you just need an aggressive push back publicly or just aggressive advocacy publicly.” — Attorney Timothy LaSota, on representing clients in high-profile political cases.  

“I think probably in a decade or so, if we started growing like we did the previous decade, you might want to revisit that and look at it.” — Senate President Andy Biggs, on whether Arizona, which has some of the most populous legislative districts in the country, should create more districts.

“You have to tread extremely lightly. Oops is not a good excuse.” — Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, on investigations that involve searching the office of an attorney.  

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