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‘No new taxes’ is evading responsibility

TMany people are concerned about the lack of support for education, child support, etc. in the Legislature’s recently approved budget. But, it is inevitable when the mantra of “No New Taxes” is our highest priority, as supported for years by the majority of those who voted!

The Legislature requires a 2/3 vote of its members to approve any tax increase (reflecting the voters’ approved initiative in the 1990s). But it has no 2/3 vote restriction for cutting taxes, giving corporate tax breaks, etc. After 20 years or so, what results is grossly underfunded public services. The Legislature also does not really “debate” the level of government services needed and wanted by the electorate, Instead,  it puts forth its “No New Taxes” ideology, along with cutting the size of “evil” government. So government services, as expected, have withered.

We need to reframe the “No New Taxes” ideology as an evasion by the Legislature of its responsibility, including to the state Constitution, to adequately provide the revenue for needed government services. We need to rethink government as our servant and the provider of desired services, not the “enemy.” We need to hold legislators accountable for being irresponsible in providing inadequate revenues. Otherwise we will continue to cut, cut, cut … and decline.

With responsible funding, we can start moving Arizona upward from our now low rankings among the states in education, child support, etc. Let’s rethink the worn-out ”No New Taxes” ideology and become responsible adults! For the 60+ percent of the public who did not vote in the last election, start making your voices heard by voting in the future for a responsible and responsive legislature.

– George Krebs lives in Tempe.


  1. Former Legislator

    George Krebs should tell his liberal legislators to stop giving tax credits to every big-name business that is already heading to AZ because of the lower tax rate. The credits are a waste of resources.

  2. Michael S. Ellegood, PE

    Right on, George! We elect people to run our State and provide for the common good. Unfortunately the Koch Brothers funded Americans for Prosperity and the Norquist pledge that many of our lawmakers have signed have hobbled their ability to properly govern. A tool in the tool box is missing. The mantra “Lower taxes and grow the economy” has not worked and shows no sign of working so we need to quite doing it. Shat can we the citizens do? (1) Ask a wanna be elected if they have signed pledges of any kind and (2) Write to our elected and tell them what we want as a state, (3) Vote. Perhaps we can make a change.

  3. Tax in America. is a hugh misjustice

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