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Pediatrician told me ‘shut your mouth’ on vaccination question


“Shut your mouth.”

That’s what a pediatrician said to me when I simply questioned where Vitamin K is mandated for my newborn baby. It turns out this is a recommendation and not mandated by law, rule or hospital policy. I simply wanted to know why this injection given to my baby on his day of delivery includes aluminum, and if there are any safety studies regarding the injection.

We all care for the health and welfare of all Arizona children. This includes those of us concerned about the one-size-fits-all approach to vaccinations. This also includes those who have complete faith in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) full vaccination schedule for all children regardless of family medical history.

Paul Boyer

Paul Boyer

In 1986, the U.S. Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which made vaccine manufacturers a liability free industry. The Act states that “no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine…”

The VICP was intended to shield vaccine manufacturers from civil lawsuits due to vaccine injuries, and to compensate individuals who could show they were vaccine-injured. They have paid out over $4 billion dollars due to vaccine injuries since 1989.

Following this law, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe saying, “Unavoidably unsafe products are exempt from strict liability with the qualification that they are properly prepared and marketed, and proper warning is given.”

Vaccines are marketed as “safe and effective,” and yet parents don’t always get full information before their child is vaccinated. When parents are not told about these risks and their child ends up with a harmful reaction to a vaccine on the CDC recommended schedule, they feel justifiably betrayed. These risks, regardless of perceived frequency, should be discussed ahead of time by healthcare providers. As such, there is a growing distrust between parents who are questioning vaccine safety and their physicians. Parents fear their doctors and skip well child visits. Instead, they bounce from doctor to doctor trying to find someone who will simply listen to them and be open to discussing their concerns surrounding vaccines.

I’m simply working through Senate Bill 1115 to provide additional guidelines for physicians and bring back some of the lost trust between the patient-practitioner relationship. It would also give physicians more information so they can increase their vigilance in looking for patients with contraindications and at risk of vaccine injury.

What parents want is simply full information on vaccines so we can truly consent, and learn how to respond to an adverse event should one occur. This includes:

  • Vaccine ingredients along with the package inserts
  • The understanding that some children should not get vaccinated due to the families’ genetic history or a previous adverse event with a particular vaccination (per the vaccine package inserts)
  • The opportunity to review the ingredients, warnings and contraindications before the vaccination is administered and the opportunity to ask questions
  • A patient history review to screen for known allergies to vaccine ingredients
  • How to contact the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program should an adverse event occur after a vaccination

No two children are the same and each child will have a different risk factor. Giving parents the ability to become fully informed and ask questions will help foster trust between the patient and provider that’s been lost over the years.

Whenever there’s risk, parents deserve information.

Sen. Paul Boyer, R-Glendale, represents Legislative District 20


  1. Thank you for your professionalism, commitment to truth, courage, and integrity. The propaganda has far surpassed the science with regard vaccination. The significant number of parents of vaccine injured children who filled the halls at the legislature are evidence that vaccine injuries are very prevalent. Citizens should be very cautious when it comes to surrendering to forced injections by a government.

  2. I ran into this same exact issue in California with our newborn son. It was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous how crazy the hospital staff got. It’s so strange how they go about it. They harassed us, literally, 10 different doctors, and nurses, and they even sent in a specialist to our room while my wife was in labor just to tell us it is not an option and they will be giving our son Vitamin K when he’s born. We luckily had a typed out birth plan refusing the Vitamin K, and I had to have the staff member sign it acknowledging receipt and recorded the conversation on my cell phone. That’s what it took for us to refuse the Vitamin K…WHILE MY WIFE WAS BUSY CONCENTRATING ON BEING IN LABOR. It was mind boggling.

    They were reading off of sales scripts and do not care about the actual care of your child. We found that out after our son was born. He got pricked & blood drawn 5 times in the 1st hour of birth, which we agreed to, and his blood clotted fine. Then our assigned pediatrician stopped by our room and asked if we were circumsizing our son, we said yes, she said she refuses to do it if they dont get the Vitamin K shot right now. We asked if it was a hospital policy, she said YES. So we said looks like we wont be circumsizing our son then…. She was stunned.

    Here’s where the B.S. came in… We found out it was NOT a hospital policy, so we called the pediatrician in and told her, and she said well I wont be doing it, and none of my colleagues will do it, (even though its covered under our insurance). So we brought up that if she’s concerned about our son being Vitamin K deficient, why would they prick him, and draw his blood 5 times immediately after birth, secondly wouldn’t that be a good indication that his blood is clotting fine and he’s not one of the extremely rare cases of VKDB? And thirdly, if she is truly concerned, cant they screen for Vitamin K levels to check the child?

    She said none of those options are safe…… Yeah….. And the only safe option is to administer the Vitamin K shot.

    So we met her for our 1 week “weight check” and we asked her to give us a referral to a urologist so we can get him circumsized. She said she would not. She said we lost our chance at the hospital, she will not circumsize the child since he didn’t receive the Vitamin K AT BIRTH! So I asked her, if we were to ask for the Vitamin K right now, 1 week later, you wouldn’t circumsize him. She said that’s correct.

    There is some SHADY SHADY things going on with vaccines/shots. I didn’t believe in the whole “Anti-Vaxx” movement prior to my son being born, but holy **** is it blatantly obvious there is an agenda within the hospital’s, and it has NOTHING to do with the actual CARE and WELL BEING of the child.

    Thank you for your efforts! Please convince every one of your colleagues you possibly can to stand up for parental rights.

  3. Exactly! We read the ingredients in packaged food that we buy on a regular basis and toss aside things we know have harmful ingredients. Why would this be any different? Kudos to Senator Boyer for bringing this to peoples attention. Sometimes, we don’t think of all the pieces to the puzzle.

  4. I never wanted to vaccinate. When my son was born we were coerced and scared into to it while being denied true informed consent despite the paper they had us sign. The accumulated effects of the vaccines caused our son to be autistic and to those who say it doesn’t, “Yes it does!” If I’m wrong prove it with an inert placebo vaccine safety study that they refuse to do or just let whistleblower William Thompson with his 10,000 papers from the CDC showing fraud and the link to autism testify before Congress.

    By the way less than one percent of vaccine injuries or reported to VAERS. We are in the ninety-nine precent that wasn’t reported. These children are being hurt and people a more worried about a relatively mild illness that will better train your immune system and give you life long immunity too. May God heal the children that have been harmed by these greedy corporations and the ignorance and pride of man.

  5. Dear Senator Boyer – You will forever have my gratitude for you poise in committee and attention to the underlying issues surrounding what I view as a betrayal by the Medical and Veterinary Professions. Information should never be withheld but we know it is and we all have experienced it. The crisis is trust and for good reason. I pray that the individual parental rights and individual liberties will not be torn away at the alter of an industry that has some explaining to do. That also applies to the Veterinary Biologics that was also never tested beyond creation of a vaccine. The oversight is more handicapped and the vaccine ingredients proprietary.

  6. Richard Harrison

    Er, folks, vitamin K isn’t a vaccine.

  7. Er Richard Harrison, im sure that they are well aware. But just like vaccines, they are an injection with other things in them besides just vitamin k. They are also violently pushed the same as vaccines. So most people know the difference, but group them in the same catagory when expressing concerns about the psychology behind the medical push. But im sure you already knew that.

  8. Well said Senator Boyer! Asking questions and seeking answers about medical health decisions are what caring parent should be doing and caring doctor should be answering to, anything else is negligent and reckless.

  9. Joan Koerber-Walker

    Dear Senator Boyer. I am sorry that you did not receive the information you asked for and had a disturbing experience. Vitamin K is not a vaccine. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s actually named after what it does: Koagulation, the German word for coagulation. It activates the molecules (clotting factors) that allow our blood to clot. Since 1961, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended Vitamin K be given at birth to newborns. The vitamin is metabolized and stored in the liver—not free-floating throughout the body—so almost none of a pregnant woman’s vitamin K crosses the placenta. All babies are therefore born vitamin K-deficient, putting them at risk for uncontrolled bleeding, called vitamin K deficiency bleeding, if their vitamin K levels drop too low and they have not received a dose to hold them over until they’re eating solid foods (and their livers have developed sufficiently to extract and use the vitamin K in food). Though uncommon, vitamin K deficiency bleeding can have catastrophic consequences, potentially resulting in gross motor skill deficits; long-term neurological, cognitive or developmental problems; organ failure; or death. This link will take you to a well written and fact based article that provides a more detailed answer to your question.

    As a concerned future parent, you asked a question. I hope this answer helps. As to the pediatrician you interacted with, that doctor is likely also concerned. It is our pediatricians who work day in and day out to keep our children healthy, to protect them from the risks of preventable diseases or conditions, and to care for them when the need help. They study, research, and work using the best practices of our medical community and the innovations created through science to save lives. When they see a child suffering from something that could have been prevented, but was not, I am sure it is disturbing to them. They are the ones who will be working to help that child and also console that parent.

  10. Thank you for introducing this bill and for being an educated and fearless parent for your child. The ‘one size fits all’ approach has left a hole in medicine that is desperately in need of addressing- the WHY some children react and others don’t. We should be pushing this science further not holding it back with half truths and zero transparency on adverse reactions.

  11. Benjamin Musclow

    Er, Richard, of course the vitamin K injection is not a vaccine. The point of the article and the comments is that informed consent is severely lacking in the “healthcare” system. Of course, the vitamin K shot could have adverse effects similar to a vaccine because of the aluminum additive!

  12. Dear Joan Koerber-Walker, I don’t write the headlines. Thanks for the link. The docs could help immediately by demanding safety studies (double blind, w/ placebo) on all vaccines on the schedule. That would do much more than merely consoling the parent after their child has been vaccine injured.

    And yes, Benjamin, I am indeed concerned about the aluminum additive, which is the reason I asked the question. After the presenter told me “Vitamin K is mandated,” I found the package insert which says it’s recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (not mandated). Yet the other new parents to be who were at the same birthing class I was are under the impression it’s a mandate based on the information we all received.

  13. The key word in all of this is RECOMMENDED……..NOT required! The American Academy of Pediatrics gives RECOMMENDATIONS therefore if you choose NOT to be vaccinated or your child/ren that is your CHOICE.

  14. 54th Legislature, Representative Barto, Senator Boyer: Please do not get fooled into creating a dangerous health policy that will be the tipping point to an ARIZONA epidemic. Epidemics like we had before vaccines

    The article by Sen Boyer, good intentins but is to support an anti-vaccination movement related bills that has its roots in a dangerous belief that vaccines have mercury and vaccines thus cause autism. The movement is not really based on personal freedom of choice. Help us educate antivaxx believers in the truth about vaccines rather than fuel false beliefs that are causing us to lose herd immunity and is killing are kids. Mercury accumulation in all humans, including that transmitted to a newborn is derived largely from pollution that has accumulated from many sources into our food supply, fish and other meat so now the antivaxx movement is using straw-man arguments to prejudice policy makers and their constituents against vaccines. We all have a desperate need to find a magic cure for autism. Sadly there isn’t. Mercury above a certain level is definitely a neurotoxin, but it isn’t coming from vaccines. Parents can get ample information on the ingredients in childhood vaccines through the FDA. Also, Vit K does NOT add aluminum and does not ever poison a newborn. There is trace aluminum in everything we breath, eat and drink, as such minuscule also ends up in a vial of Vit K and it is mentioned on the vial because of really bad policy made by law makers trying appease an angry, scared constituent base. We are losing herd immunity because of false beliefs now being shrouded in personal rights. Can we please send our kids off to a biologically safe public school system this year?

  15. Any physician who responds to a patient’s or guardian’s question with, “Shut your mouth,” should be barred from medical practice for life. It’s not just unprofessional, it’s inexcusable.

  16. James Silverthorn

    I am appalled at the level of disrespect that a medical “professional” can treat patients with!
    I can’t even imagine what I would do to any of them that tried to impose their will on my family.
    I have legal shield (not promoting rither) and I’ll leave it at that.

  17. Parents already have the opportunity to request information about vaccines. These bills do not “give parents the opportunity,” they put onerous, expensive, and nonscientific regulatory requirements between physicians and patients. I agree with a need to restore trust between physicians and patients/parents, but these bills will not accomplish that.

  18. If adverse vaccine reactions occur, manufacturers, public health authorities, and doctors are NOT liable–unlike with any other product. Patients need to know how to report adverse effects to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in case their doctor doesn’t do it. Why shouldn’t patients and their parents have ready access to all the information they want, and why should they be forced to endure lengthy sales pitches before exercising their right to decline informed consent? If doctors treat any patients the way that Sen. Boyer describes, loss of trust is not surprising.

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