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The border crisis is more real than ever


“Fake crisis!” has been the liberal rallying cry every time President Trump, his Cabinet, and the law enforcement professionals who protect our border have brought up the urgent need to address the problem of illegal immigration.

Border Patrol said they need a wall, and Democrats said, “fake crisis.”

The Department of Homeland Security warned of criminal-laden caravans, children used as human shields, and growing violence. Democrats said, “fake crisis.”

President Trump told the horror stories of sexual exploitation of women and children. Again, the Democrats said, “fake crisis.”

Gov. Jan Brewer (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Jan Brewer (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Throughout the longest government shutdown in history, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stuck to their obstructionist guns, insisting that the President had “manufactured” the crisis at the border.

Well, that argument is now collapsing under the weight of a massive surge in illegal immigration at the southern border, and it’s easier than ever to understand why President Trump concluded he had to use the powers afforded to him and declare a national emergency to get the crisis under control.

The numbers from February reveal the highest count of illegal border crossings in 11 years, at 76,000. They’re coming in “busloads” every day, stretching our border security apparatus, in the words of Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, “well beyond capacity.”

McAleenan didn’t mince words, warning that we are at a “breaking point” in what “is clearly both a border security and a humanitarian crisis.”

The media tried to downplay the alarming statistic with references to previous periods when apprehension figures were higher, but Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost definitively debunked that misleading claim.

Back in the 1990s, before most of the existing sections of wall were built, “Mexican nationals represented up to 90 percent of apprehensions,” she noted, explaining that “an agent might have apprehended and returned the same individual multiple times in one shift.”

Today’s crisis is drastically different. Illegal aliens are overwhelmingly coming from Central America, and they’re much more difficult to process and return to their far-away homes than are illegal immigrants from Mexico.

What’s more, The New York Times just published an in-depth report that corroborates President Trump’s description of the widespread rape and exploitation of women along the illegal routes into America — the same descriptions the media spent months ridiculing and nit-picking at.

For a fake crisis, this all looks gravely real.

The question of whether Democrats should have recognized what was happening earlier, as President Trump did, is purely academic at this point. The fact that many Democratic lawmakers are still actively undermining this administration’s efforts to resolve the crisis is what really matters.

California’s Xavier Becerra and 15 other Democrat state attorneys general, for instance, are still proceeding with a frivolous lawsuit to block the President’s emergency declaration, largely on the basis of their claim that there is no emergency at the border. Virtually everything the complaint asserts about what it calls a “manufactured ‘crisis’” can now be dismissed as mere political rhetoric.

More distressingly, a small number of Republican senators are plotting to join with “#resistance” Democrats in an effort to invalidate President Trump’s legal and well-founded emergency declaration. The gesture would be largely symbolic because of the President’s constitutional veto power, but for misguided Republicans to take this step in light of recent revelations would be absolutely indefensible.

Establishment politicians are generally loath to admit that Donald Trump is right about anything, but for the sake of the country and the safety of our communities, they must accept that the crisis on the border is anything but “fake.”

Jan Brewer is former Governor of Arizona


  1. Yes….there has been a crisis for decades. We can’t wait for the Feds.The Governor and legislature can do more. They also took an oath of office. So live up to it. Call up the Guard or militia and put them on the border. Catch and return. AZ can build its own wall. AZ also needs to tell the Feds we don’t want any asylum seekers (illegals) dumped off in AZ. Over 15000 have been dumped in Phoenix since December, which means the taxpayer will have to take care of these unwanted individuals from third world countries. AZ needs to stop giving any aid and benefits to illegals. Why do we educate illegals and anchor babies? Why do we continue to print voting materials and ballots in spanish? Babies born by illegals are not automatically U.S. Citizens. Create penalties for employers hiring illegals. Yes…there is e verify but the system is flawed. AZ take the lead and protect our border now!

  2. It is true that the migration rates have been slowly rising since 2014. However, compared to other years when the border really experienced surges, the numbers are still on the low end. Two articles (from UofA Eller & Forbes) show in several charts the comparative influx across the years. The NPR article shows attempted crossings at legal points of entry, and the Forbes article shows rates of apprehension by Border Patrol. These numbers are a small fraction of the rates of crossing during the years 2005-2008.


  3. bradley taylor hudson

    This is, again, more “Distraction Politics”. It is true we have immigration problems that should have been fixed many years ago. What is not true is that it is a primary issue, compared to many other issues we face. So why does “immigration” rate so much attention? Because Trump uses it to keep us occupied; to give us an enemy, keep everyone busy discussing it. For instance, the “Dark Money” issue is many times more important to us as voters and citizens, yet does not get the attention it deserves. Illegal immigrants do far less harm to the average working American than the Dark Money influences in govt. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted and focus on what is important.

  4. Who wrote this for you? We’ve seen you in action where you have to speak for yourself, and your expertise has been in word salads.

    I don’t believe for a minute that you wrote this column.

  5. Our border crisis has been going on for decades. Our elected Federal, State and local officials have taken an oath of office to protect the U.S. Constitution. The ongoing invasion from our southern border has to stop.
    I support President’s Trumps proactive efforts to protect the U.S. Having said that we can’t wait for the Feds to take action. The swamp is against President Trump. Therefore, AZ needs to step up to the plate to protect our borders and AZ citizens.
    Governor Ducey campaigned in 2018 to protect our borders. There is also a shared responsibility with the AZ legislature. To date AZ has fallen short to protect AZ. Actions that the Governor and legislature can take now would be:
    1. To call up the State National Guard or militia to protect our border. Only catch and return.
    2. AZ can build its own wall. Funding can come from taxing money orders going out of Country and a tourist tax going into Mexico.
    3. Use the 10th amendment to nullify unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government, like DACA and printing voting ballots in other languages.
    4. Enforce strict penalties on employers still hiring illegals. The E-Verify process is not effective.
    5. Not giving any State aid or benefits to illegals, asylum seekers and anchor babies.
    6. Not accepting asylum seekers that are dumped here by the Feds. Since December 2018 the Feds dumped over 15,000 asylum seekers-ok…illegals in Phoenix.
    7. Giving Non-Citizen birth certificates to illegal and asylum babies born in AZ.
    8. Prohibiting anchor babies and illegals serving in elected positions in AZ.
    9. Cutting off any State aid and/or tax exemption status to entities giving aid to asylum seekers and illegals in AZ.
    10. Ensure voting documents and voting ballots are printed in English only. English is the official language of AZ.

  6. If the border were truly an emergency how dilatory is President Trump in addressing it? He had two full years in office with a completely deferential Congress that was intent on giving him whatever he wanted and looking the other way to his every misdeed, yet he never once tried to get a wall.

    How odd that he didn’t start to squawk about an emergency until a Democratic House was sworn in. Where was the hair-on-fire emergency of human trafficking those two years? Trump doesn’t care about the human suffering happening on our Southern border. He only cares about getting his way now that Democrats have a say in the Federal government. There IS a humanitarian crisis on the border, but the response of this Administration has only been to rip kids from their families and put them in cages with sexual predators, and agitate to build his useless wall – nothing that would actually alleviate the suffering of immigrants and asylum seekers. Like most things Trump does, his “emergency” is a fraud.

  7. Who kicked the rock you’ve been under Jan? First the Republic, now the Capitol Times? Please check with the border sheriffs before spouting off about this self-made so-called “emergency”. I’m not sure what will be left of the U.S. Constitution when Congress cedes the power of the pursue to POTUS.

  8. I wouldn’t attach my name to this “opinion” piece either because fear-mongering has become passe. Yes, there currently this is a crisis at our border. However, it is humanitarian in nature i.e. food, water, substandard shelter and healthcare. It is not a “national emergency”. POTUS has said that his wealth and power allow him certain privileges with respect to women. Yet we are to believe he is suddenly concerned with “widespread rape and exploitation of women”? Yes, it’s political rhetoric. Nice play on words, semantics and such……

  9. Jan GED Brewer comes out from under her rock. Who let you out, much less spout off about immigration in AZ when you were behind the most horrendous SB1070 that allowed law enforcement to racially profile anyone that wasn’t blond and blue eyes. You, that corrupt senile sheriff Joe and ex hateful senator Pierce are gone in AZ politics for good reason – the Voters Don’t Want You or Hateful and Divisive Politics. We’re done with Trump and his lies. He will lose AZ in the next election. People have woken up to what the GOP has become, a party that only divides and creates policy out of fear and hate because brown and black people are searching for the American Dream. Something I’m sure your ancestors did over a 100 years ago! Go away and take your stupid supporters of Trump with you.

  10. bradley taylor hudson

    These responses demonstrate my point about “distraction politics”. We have more posts here than I’ve ever seen on this site, despite many far more important issues. For example, where were you when politicians were (and are) trying to suppress the voice of the people via citizen initiatives?

  11. How is a border wall going to solve any of the issues you bring up? I don’t get it. We need humanitarian aid, not a wall.

  12. A wall won’t stop caravans. A decent environment in Central America will.
    A wall won’t stop sexual abuse and rape. Local police in Mexico should be doing that.
    A wall won’t stop enough drugs to make a difference. They’ll find a way to get around it.
    A wall will disrupt wildlife migration. Animals need to be able to move and find food within their territory
    A wall will interfere with water flow when it rains. A fast running arroyo through a fence just won’t end well.
    A wall will require seizure of private land. Many ranchers have spoken out against it.
    A wall is just a tool for Trump’s political goals. It has nothing to do with immigration or security.

    Drone patrols can detect incursions and relay information to a quick reaction force. The border area needs more technology, drones, sensors and broadband. And it needs the 1,500 vacant positions filled. These things are needed with or without a wall. Spend the money on sustainable solutions.

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