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Our lives depend on your vote

Dear Editor:

Why is that our environment is not taken seriously? Why must we only care about protecting our planet when April 22 comes around? If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it taught us that our environment and public health in fact DO go hand in hand. It is essential for the health and existence of mankind that we vote for leaders that are going to take these issues seriously. We have seen a plethora of change in our economy, our environment, as well as public health. It is time that we protect our planet from the sickness that we are causing; the same way we are trying to protect the American people. It is critical for us to understand that protecting our Earth means to protect the American people. So please, it is time that we act together and VOTE for our environment this November. Vote like our lives depend on it; because it does.


Nile Bunger

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