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It’s time for all of us to practice the Golden Rule

Dear Editor:

Sometime in everyone’s life, a family member, friend, or spiritual leader repeat “LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF” or “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM DO TO YOU.” These meaningful verses have taken a back seat to “YOU ARE INFRINGING ON MY RIGHTS.”  Really?  All riders in a car must wear a seat belt for protection. You are not allowed to smoke inside public places because of the consequences rendered by second hand smoke.  Some states mandate wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle for your safety, and opening doors for the elderly is a common courtesy.  So why not wear a mask to help keep the spread of the deadly coronavirus?  Actually, you can exercise your prerogative not to go into places requiring a mask. That is your right. My rights need to be respected as well. Those who are arguing with store managers or checkout clerks requiring masks lack facts and are making a difficult situation even worse. Next time you are required to wear a mask, put others before yourself or stay home. This virus is neither Democratic or Republican, so stop politicizing a serious pandemic and listen to medical professionals, doctors, and scientists who know way more than you.


Joanie Rose


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  1. Your thoughts on the a Golden Rule might have made sense during the initial “two weeks to flatten the curve” mandates. Now the Groundhogs day meme that’s been posted on Facebook makes more sense to me – underneath a picture of Bill Murray is the caption “Five months into the same ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ b.s.”. It might make sense too if there weren’t a double standard where those with “liberal privilege” (another common meme these days on conservative Facebook posts) can goto hair salons, burn down restaurants, “peacefully protest” and get away with looting and murder under blue state governors — all while religious groups can’t effectively worship unless they call it a protest.

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