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Pandemic not over yet

As members of the Greater Phoenix Leadership Health Sector Task Force, we are disappointed and highly concerned to learn of the retraction of virtually all COVID safety precautions in the state of Arizona, including mask mandates. Arizona’s vaccination efforts are admirable and headed in the right direction, yet still far from the 70% or more fully vaccinated needed to achieve herd immunity. We are not there yet.  

It is true that we are on the road to recovery and there is reason for celebration and some relief. It is equally true that variant strains are in Arizona and causing faster spread. Even with vaccines, average daily infections are escalating, with the 7-day average rising from 480 on March 23 to 548 on March 30. 

We are so close to having vaccines available for everyone who wants one and, at the rate we are able to deliver vaccines, so close to achieving herd immunity. Let’s not drop our guard just steps away from the finish line. Our community is counting on us, our businesses are counting on us, and the people we love are counting on us. 

We implore you to continue to follow CDC guidelines, mask-up in public places and physically distance. If you are fully vaccinated and in a small group of others who have also been fully vaccinated, that is when you can take off your mask and enjoy each other’s smiles. Until we hit the herd immunity milestone, please continue to take the precautions that matter — lives and livelihoods still depend on it.  

Let’s work together to make 2021 a happy and healthy year. 

Greater Phoenix Leadership Health Sector Task Force  


Lisa E. Blumling-Torosian 

Managing Director 

Accenture Operations- Health 

Peter Fine

President and CEO 

Banner Health 

 Pam Kehaly 

President and CEO 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona 

Kim Shepard 

Market President, Arizona 


Linda Hunt 

Sr. VP Operations and CEO, Arizona 

Dignity Health 

Tammy McLeod

President and CEO
Flinn Foundation 

Todd LaPorte 


Honor Health 

Robert Meyer 

President and CEO 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital 

Dr. Jeffrey Trent 

President and Research Director 

Translational Genomics Research Institute 

David McIntyre 

President and CEO 

TriWest Healthcare Alliance 

Heather Kane 



Stephen A. Purves 

President and CEO 

Valleywise Health 

 Simer Mayo 


Valor Global 

 Suzanne Pfister 

President and CEO 

Vitalyst Health Foundation 

 Health Sector Task Force Guests: 

Ann-Marie Alameddin 

President and CEO
Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association 

Dr. Susan Pepin 

Managing Director, Health & Clinical Partnerships
Senior Advisor to the EVP
Clinical Professor
Arizona State University 


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