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Ducey, GOP lawmakers – pushers for the rich

Dear Editor:

There is a way to think about the current State budget that makes more sense to me than economic theories. And that is to look at this in drug terms.

A junkie is someone addicted to a substance. For many rich people, money is their dope; they have a junkie’s insatiable desire for it. That’s a fact; look at the spiral of fiscal inequality the past several years. Like most junkies, rich people use many methods and scams to try and get their fix.

Junkies need and want a reliable supply of product and Kingpins are the major suppliers of dope that moves through many middlemen and individual pushers to the junkies. Hence, deals are made at different levels depending on the junkies need.

One big scam now in motion Arizona is to pressure the Kingpin – Gov. Doug Ducey, and county level pushers – Republican legislators, to enact a flat tax that will give them their dope; lots more dope.

Junkies don’t care who they hurt to get their fix; pushers, and kingpins don’t care who they hurt to dip their beak. In our state, millions of people will suffer some degree of harm if a flat tax is passed; public safety declines, increased fire danger, and many more services provided by cities that are the infrastructure of people’s lives. Too Bad say the junkies; I gotta’ get my fix.

Kingpins always have an eye to expand their territory. In this case the power that comes from providing dope to wealthy people could lead to more lucrative positions in bigger areas; a national territory for instance. For the pushers, the crumbs – thousands of dollars – from the big dope deal could mean a step up in the organization; maybe expanded territory, a bigger stash, and more junkies.

As the flat tax is being discussed, remember Kansas when the junkies demanded more dope, the pushers delivered it, and the consequence was depleted services throughout their state.

The way to deal with the big boy and pushers in any community, or state, that is fed up with a drug problem; bust the kingpin, destroy the network of pushers and kick ‘em out of town.

Fred Miller

Owner, Copper City Inn in Bisbee

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