water deal, Arizona, drought, Colorado River
May 22, 2023

Arizona, California, Nevada reach agreement on Colorado River water conservation 

Arizona, California and Nevada reached an agreement to cut their use of Colorado River water in exchange for massive federal payments. 

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May 19, 2023

How one Yuma farmer sees Arizona’s water future

The agricultural industry in Arizona is reliant on water flowing from the Colorado River. And as the Biden administration and federal agencies rush to remedy a looming water crisis in the Southwest, farmers in the state are concerned that directives from authorities could have an outsized effect on an integral part of the economy. 

groundwater, Northwest Basins Planning Area, Arizona Department of Water Resources
May 19, 2023

ADWR completes Kingman area ‘basin sweep’

A team of Arizona Department of Water Resources field researchers recently completed a two-month-long “basin sweep” in the northwestern part of the state, intensively evaluating the underground water levels in the Northwest Basins Planning Area that surrounds the city of Kingman.  

well permits, water, Saudi Arabia, Arizona Department of Water Resources, Mayes, Hobbs, Fondomonte
Apr 26, 2023

Fondomonte well rejection will have limited impact

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has revoked a pair of well-drilling permits it issued last year to a controversial Saudi-owned farming company that operates in western Arizona.

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)
Nov 15, 2019

Panel takes step to secure water supply in Pinal County

In the face of a report that says Pinal County is going dry, a small group of Arizona lawmakers took the first step in helping assure the county has enough groundwater for decades to come and avoid a potential shortfall.

Apr 5, 2018

Water agency director insists lawmakers can give him forbearance authority

The head of the state’s water agency insists that, contrary to the conclusions of a legislative attorney, lawmakers can authorize his department to “forbear” the use of water from the Colorado River.

Apr 23, 2017

Cooperation is imperative to protect our water

Arizonans have a history of putting partisanship aside and finding common ground when it comes to resolving our water disputes. With vision and leadership, we have created a thriving economy and secured our water future. It has not been easy, requiring negotiation, cooperation and compromise every step of the way.

Mar 27, 2017

Ambiguity, confusion will reign if others assume mantle of authority over water issues from ADWR

What might seem to be an obscure lawsuit in federal court has potentially damaging consequences for water management in Arizona.  The case involves the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, which operates the Central Arizona Project, and one of its former employees.  The district alleges it’s not liable to the employee because it has “sovereign immunity,” […]