Sep 27, 2023

No one investigating lawmakers and staffers accepting event tickets

So far, no one is planning to investigate (or litigate) whether the acceptance of tickets to sporting events and concerts by Gov. Katie Hobbs’ staffers and lawmakers violates state law.  

Fontes, secretary of state, elections procedure manual, Republicans
Aug 10, 2023

Fontes rejects extending election manual comment period 

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes doesn’t plan to agree to a request from Republican lawmakers to extend a public comment period for a draft of the state’s election’s procedure guide. 

manufacturing, Hobbs
Jun 20, 2023

New law raises cap on funds for infrastructure projects benefitting manufacturers

Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a bill on Monday opposed by most legislative Democrats that will raise the cap on monies municipalities get to fund infrastructure projects to benefit manufacturing companies.

minimum wage, House, lawmakers, Livingston, Heap
Mar 29, 2023

Lawmakers defeat measure aimed at making cities pay for higher minimum wages

Two Republicans joined all Democrats on a House panel Wednesday to defeat a measure designed to make the cities of Tucson and Flagstaff pay for their higher minimum wages -- but not because the GOP lawmakers like the voter-approved boosts.

public records, legislation, Kavanagh, Terech, House, police cam
Feb 23, 2023

Public records reform bills advance in House, Senate

After Republican lawmakers recently established rules to reduce public records retention, they are now proposing more changes that opponents say would further obstruct access to information.

land sales, Carbone, House committee, Saudi Arabia, Arizona, water, drought, Carbonne, Land Department, Sandoval, Biasiucci, Seaman, lawmakers,
Feb 16, 2023

House committee moves to block sale, lease of state lands to foreign governments

Arizona lawmakers are moving to block the sale and lease of state lands to foreign governments and certain foreign corporations -- but not the one that has caused the concern in the first place.