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Jun 2, 2023

Hobbs negotiating with GOP lawmakers to try to ask voters to extend transportation tax

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs is directly negotiating with Republican lawmakers who control the Arizona Legislature to try to craft a deal to ask Maricopa County voters to extend a half-cent sales tax that for nearly 40 years has paid for new freeways, bus routes and light rail transportation projects.

censure, Chaplik, Harris
Jun 1, 2023

More GOP PCs are censuring their lawmakers

A recent trend is growing among Arizona Republican precinct committees of censuring their state elected Republicans after the expulsion of a former Republican lawmaker.

May 4, 2023

Bill keeps home addresses secret, impact unclear

Citing death threats, lawmakers passed a bill May 3 meant to seal their home addresses from the public if a judge agrees, but it’s not clear how the new legislation will work in practice or if anyone will still be able to check that lawmakers live in the districts they represent. 

homelessness, Miranda, Senate
Mar 21, 2023

Senate passes bipartisan homelessness mitigation measure 

The Senate passed a homelessness mitigation bill today with overwhelming support, much to the happiness of sponsor Sen. Catherine Miranda, D-Laveen, who has made this her main effort. 

No Labels, political party, Democrats, Republicans, Fontes
Mar 8, 2023

New ‘No Labels’ party qualifies to run candidates in 2024 

A new political party is set to field candidates in Arizona in next year’s elections and its name says something about its view of traditional party politics: the newcomer is called the No Labels Party. 

Prop 400, senators, committee, Farnsworth
Feb 13, 2023

Panel kills Prop 400 plan – but resurrection seems likely

After much deliberation, senators could not agree on a half-cent sales tax extension proposal to send to the voters, and killed the version proposed to a transportation committee. 

home addresses, lawmakers, Mendez, Salman, Department of Transportation, Shope, Wadsack, Farnsworth, Senate
Feb 1, 2023

Senate committee approves measure prohibiting public from accessing lawmakers’ addresses

State lawmakers voted Wednesday to make it a lot harder to find out where they live. But they said that threats they face make the move necessary.

Farnsworth, Kavanagh, Livingston, homeless, Phoenix, Seattle, mental illness, Senate committee, The Zone
Jan 20, 2023

Farnsworth’s story of homelessness prompts Senate committee chair to pull Kavanagh’s proposal

A Republican state senator from Mesa's personal experience with mental illness and homelessness derailed a bid by another GOP lawmaker, this one a former cop, to make sleeping on a sidewalk a state crime. Sen. David Farnsworth's extended comments about his struggles led the chairman of a Senate committee to pull Republican Fountain Hills Sen. John Kavanagh's proposal from consideration during a he[...]

legislation, child sex dollars, Senate, House, Nguyen, Bliss
Jan 12, 2023

Senators mull penalizing absent state officials  

Senators are considering legislation that would tighten absence rules for several state entities, including the Legislature.  

Biden, Bowers, Profile in Courage award, Presidential Citizens Medal, Trump, insurrection, U.S. Capitol, Lumen Strategies, Highground
Jan 9, 2023

Biden honors Bowers, others, on second anniversary of Jan. 6 insurrection

Former Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers was honored with 11 others by President Joe Biden on Friday for their “contributions to democracy” during and after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Republicans, GOP, DeWit, Ward, election, MAGA, Trump, Lake, Hobbs, Schweikert, ballots, tabulation
Nov 15, 2022

Senate Republicans select new leadership team led by Petersen

The Senate Republicans selected a new leadership team headed by Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, but allowed candidates currently losing their races to vote. 

Bowers, Trump, Capitol, riots, Jan. 6
Jul 21, 2022

Arizona House Speaker Bowers censured, says he wouldn’t change a thing 

House Speaker Rusty Bowers was censured by the Arizona Republican Party this week as retaliation for his testimony to the January 6 committee, but he said if he could go back, he wouldn’t do anything differently.