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Arizona CTE needs to refocus on promises made to taxpayers

EVIT, career and technical education, college

Career and technical education is a wonderful thing when it is done right. It raises graduation rates by keeping students engaged in learning that is relevant to them. It gives students a leg up on being prepared for the workforce and college. But expanding CTE so more students can be placed into electives, students who may have no intention of making that elective their career path, is not the promise we made to our communities and taxpayers over 30 years ago. It does not match the “why” for which CTEDs were created.

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Common Core Readiness: Mesa Unified School District (access required)

The state’s largest school district has been preparing to teach the Common Core standards in much the same way that smaller districts have – with several consecutive years of teacher training, millions of dollars in technology upgrades and parent education. However, despite a successful 2012 bond election, money is still tight.

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School officials: Major cuts coming if Prop 204 fails

Supporters of the initiative to make permanent a temporary one-cent sales tax increase claimed today that its failure at the ballot in November would have dire repercussions, including the closure of schools, teacher layoffs and increases in class sizes. They also pushed back against opponents’ assertion that revenues from the tax won’t reach the classroom.

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