Toma, Republicans, Hobbs, Legislature, budget crunch
Oct 16, 2023

Republican legislative leaders face first budget crunch in nearly a decade

Republican leaders in the Arizona Legislature are facing their first budget crunch in nearly a decade and minority Democrats are pointing the finger right at the GOP, saying the pain that will be felt by state residents is a self-inflicted wound.

counties, Livingston, JLBC
Oct 10, 2023

Certain counties to receive settlement monies for reentry programs

A legislative committee today approved monies for counties to spend on reentry programs to reduce recidivism rates, but only counties with existing programs can get the money, excluding some.  

attendance, legislature, lawmakers
Aug 25, 2023

Lawmakers had high attendance on fewer days 

This session, lawmakers had very good attendance records, but only came to work a fraction of the time the Legislature was technically in session. 

New American Leaders, Anna Hernandez, Ghida Dagher, immigrants, political process, training
Jul 21, 2023

New American Leaders fuels confidence in political hopefuls

Sen. Anna Hernandez, D-Phoenix, gained the knowledge and confidence she needed to take the leap for state Senate last year after she participated in programs that the national, nonpartisan organization New American Leaders holds to help immigrants and their allies join the political process.  

renewable energy, APS, SRP
Jun 23, 2023

SRP must transition to clean, renewable energy – now   

As state elected officials, community leaders, and most importantly – parents, we are concerned about the future of our children, and believe it’s time for our utilities to start acting with some urgency. 

Hobbs, utilities, APS, record heat, air conditioner, Tucson, Arizona Public Service, Arizona Corporation Commission
Jun 23, 2023

With executive order, Hobbs, Mayes seek to prevent abortion prosecutions in Arizona 

Gov. Katie Hobbs says she's giving Attorney General Kris Mayes authority over any abortion prosecutions in Arizona – and Mayes has made it clear that she doesn’t want to see anyone prosecuted over abortions. 

contraception, abortion, Hobbs, Salman, Grantham
Jun 22, 2023

Hobbs, Salman, reproductive rights group announce effort to protect rights to contraceptives

Gov. Katie Hobbs joined a state lawmaker and the leader of a reproductive rights advocacy group Thursday to announce an effort to enact a law protecting the rights of all women to access contraceptives.

manufacturing, Hobbs
Jun 20, 2023

New law raises cap on funds for infrastructure projects benefitting manufacturers

Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a bill on Monday opposed by most legislative Democrats that will raise the cap on monies municipalities get to fund infrastructure projects to benefit manufacturing companies.

border, Ducey, wall
Jun 20, 2023

Arizona’s defunct border wall leaves trail of runaway costs, error-filled invoices

Just a few years ago, Arizona’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) was counted among the state’s smaller agencies, known for preparing Arizonans for summer monsoons. That changed in 2021, when then-Gov. Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency over immigration and put DEMA in charge of what was to become a half a billion dollars to secure the state’s border with Mexico.

Prop 400, Livingston, Senate, House, light rail, transportation, freeways, Hobbs
Jun 13, 2023

Partisan tax extension plan poised for veto

On Tuesday evening the Legislature passed a partisan, controversial half-cent sales tax extension, which Democrats called a “slap in the face” and the governor said she will veto. 

Jun 13, 2023

House censures Democrat who hid Capitol Bibles 

A Democratic representative who hid state House Bibles was censured without the traditional majority standard the chamber has historically used to pass legislation.  

citizen's initiative, ballot, House, Livingston, De Los Santos, Salman
Jun 12, 2023

Voters to decide on measure that changes citizen initiative process

Legislative Republicans are asking voters to make it harder to put voter initiatives on the ballot.