Capitol Quotes 5/15

Capitol Quotes 5/15

“Thousands of patients across Arizona are already using medical marijuana with their doctor’s recommendation. These patients shouldn’t have to risk arrest and jail just for following their doctor’s advice.” — Andrew Myers, a campaign manager for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, explaining that voters should pass a ballot initiative in 2010 to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

“This is clearly not a tax increase. If it was a tax increase, I would not be voting aye.” — Sen. Ron Gould, a Republican from Lake Havasu City, while voting for a package that fixes a $650-million deficit in fiscal 2009.

“I’ve suggested that we add the fourth floor onto the building so that, when we jump, we just don’t break our legs.” — Rep. Russ Jones, a Republican from Yuma, expressing his dismay May 13 in the House Appropriations Committee at the choices lawmakers  were faced with to solve a massive budget deficit.

“I kind of want to know where, physically, she is. Does she come to work?” — Rep. Matt Heinz, a Democrat from Tucson, commenting May 13 in the House Appropriations Committee on what he feels is Gov. Jan Brewer’s lack of leadership on fixing the budget.