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Capitol Quotes 2/26/10

“I support this bill because I’m pleased to see Rep. (Andy) Biggs finally regulating something.” – House Speaker Kirk Adams, a Republican from Mesa, speaking on the House floor Feb. 23 in support of H2246, which would allow the regulation and sale of some fireworks to the general public in Arizona. Right now, selling fireworks is banned statewide. The bill was approved 40-17 and has been sent to the Senate.

“When Marty Shultz and Chuck Coughlin go around shaking everybody down, it will be interesting to see how much they can generate.” – Tom Jenney of Americans for Prosperity, commenting on the fundraising capabilities of the “Yes on 100” committee.

“Nothing is dead until sine die.” – Sen. Russell Pearce, a Mesa Republican, commenting on a bill he sponsored that has failed to advance through a committee.

“We have to wait (until) the governor’s budget fails on its merit. At that point, we would be ready to talk to President Burns and our colleagues about how we get through this next year.” – Senate Minority Leader Jorge Garcia, commenting on bipartisanship in the Senate.

‘Forgive me. It’s casual Tuesday.’ – Rep. Matt Heinz, a Democrat from Tucson, speaking Feb. 23 about his dressed-down attire of blue jeans and a polo shirt.

‘Mumble louder, sir.’ – Rep. Jerry Weiers, telling Sen. Russell Pearce that he was having difficulty hearing the senator’s testimony during a committee hearing.

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