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Capitol Quotes: May 28,2010

“Unfortunately, in my naiveté, I put my signature on those forms.” — Robert Green, a candidate for the District 7 Senate seat who was decertified by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission for dozens of bad $5 qualifying forms. Green said the forms were collected by a volunteer.

“Only one out of 10 homes in my district gets the newspaper delivered. It’s not something people are thinking about or on their minds.” — Rep. Doug Quelland, a Republican from Phoenix, explaining why he thinks his past campaign finance violations will go unnoticed by voters this year when they decide whether to re-elect Quelland to a District 10 House seat.

“If you file before (the deadline), all you’re doing is giving an opponent an opportunity to pick your signatures apart.” — Sen. Ron Gould, a Lake Havasu City Republican, who makes it a habit to submit his nominating petitions near the deadline. A person who wishes to challenge a candidate’s nomination has 10 days to so after that deadline.

“Mr. Konopnicki is not a true conservative. His voting record shows that for the last 8 years.” — Snowflake Republican Sen. Sylvia Allen, referring to her primary opponent, Rep. Bill Konopnicki of Safford.

“Do people really want somebody who says the earth is 6,000 years old?” — Safford Republican Bill Konopnicki, referring to Sen. Sylvia Allen, his opponent in the District 5 Senate race.

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