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Capitol Quotes: May 27, 2010

“We’re all in support of creating jobs, but not destroying the natural beauty of any land.” — John Bush, vice chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, on the tribe’s opposition to a land swap that would give Resolution Copper 2,400 acres of national forest.

“I think it’s interesting that when Mr. Hogan isn’t suing over insufficient health care funding he’s suing over insufficient education funding, when one clearly impacts the other.” — Matthew Benson, a spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer, on Tim Hogan’s lawsuit to stop a package of proposed AHCCCS cuts.

“It’s just not the real red meat it was a year ago. But it will come back. I think you’ll be surprised in a few months. All you’re going to be hearing is 105, 105, 105.” — Rep. David Stevens, a Sierra Vista Republican, on the diminished interest in Proposition 105 reform.

“The Voter Protection Act is the worst thing that’s happened to the state of Arizona.” — Former state Rep. Mike Gardner.

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