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Capitol Quotes: July 1, 2011

“It’s just a bunch of losers trying to make themselves feel better about their loss by blaming the system. It wasn’t the system.” — Republican political consultant Constantin Querard, on the organizers of a proposed ballot initiative to create a jungle primary system in Arizona.

“It’s weird that anybody would want everybody to push toward the center. The extremes are where the action is.” — Perennial Libertarian candidate Barry Hess, on the notion that a jungle primary system will lead to the election of more moderate candidates.

“We’re the Libertarians and we’re just more straightforward than the other guys.” — Arizona Libertarian Party Chairman Michael Kielsky, on the party’s decision to name its perennial gubernatorial candidate Barry Hess as its official minister of propaganda.

“This also sends an important message that we are 100 percent in favor of reducing overall vehicle emissions by encouraging the use of electric vehicles.” — ADEQ Director Henry Darwin on the installation of electric car charging stations at a parking lot serving the agency and other government offices.

“Now the message that we’re sending to the new administration is: Obama, please do not deport me or my family.” — Joseph Villela of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, who is disappointed at the increase in deportations being conducted by the Obama administration.

“Money is a powerful tool.” — Regents Chairman Fred DuVal, explaining the power of financial incentives that would be used in a proposed new university funding formula.

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