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Proposition 104 would enhance city street improvements

David Martin

David Martin

We Build Arizona is composed of Arizonans like you – people who want to make a difference and are committed to building our great state. Our primary goal is simple: To protect and grow state and local infrastructure funding.

Proposition 104 is an opportunity to grow local infrastructure funding while investing in streets, bike lanes, light rail, bus, bus rapid transit, and Dial-A-Ride.

The plan will enhance citywide street improvements including:

  • 680 miles of improved and new streets
  • 1,080 new miles of bicycle lanes
  • 2,000 new streetlights
  • 135 miles of new sidewalks
  • Triple the amount of light rail miles
  • Increase bus frequency by 70%

Overall, Proposition 104 will enhance our infrastructure and improve the connection between the modes of travel whether it’s driving, biking, walking, or using transit. It’s a wise investment.

Building infrastructure is critical to Arizona’s recovery. A solid infrastructure system is needed to continue to move Phoenix forward. We Build Arizona is committed to educating the general public as well as public policy makers on the role infrastructure plays in our economy and quality of life.

In this case, Proposition 104 will help our economy, improve access to higher education, and provide increased independence to seniors and those in need. Join We Build Arizona in voting Yes.

David Martin is chairman of We Build Arizona.


  1. Building infrastructure certainly adds value and improves quality of life but Proposition 104 is a horrible way to do it. Prop 104 is basically a blank check written out to the city which is payable for the next 35 years. It’s $31 BILLION price tag will leave the city more than 5 times further in debt than the entire state of Arizona. Only 8% of that money will go to street repairs under the current plan while the bulk goes to building more light rail–a system that has lost money since the day it began service. Buses are 5 times more cost effective and have route flexibility that light rail can never achieve.
    Moreover, there’s nothing in 104 that requires the city to spend the money as they describe. A future city council could decide they have other priorities and spend it as they see fit.
    We don’t need to nearly double the transit tax to build infrastructure. Raising sales taxes will drive consumers to other metro cities to make purchases which will hurt Phoenix businesses far more than it will help them.

  2. Michael, with regard to the lack of a requirement for Phx to spend the money as they describe, you are repeating a falsehood spread by those not part of the process. As one of the 34 members of the Citizens Committee for the Future of Phoenix Transportation (CCFPT), I can tell/assure you that transparency and accountability were paramount and that the Committee was adamant about having a Phx citizen’s transportation oversight committee review/recommend the projects considered under the MovePHX Plan. I urge you to read the CCFPT recommendations to Council. There are enough hawks from the Committee that the recommendations will be adhered to, or an entire parade of red flags will be raised. I trust in the process, and I trust and appreciate my fellow citizens who spent hours in preparing this visionary plan to move forward.

  3. Can’t build a solid infrastructure by bankrupting the City or its residents. Take up an honest living and get your business through people freely choosing to buy your product or service. Have a great day!

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